The Knees NOT of Bees


This comic strip, less the crystal ball, is the story of my life lately!   I had leg braces in my first year of life to straighten my legs.  I wasn’t in sports in my youth.  I rode bike and ran around a bit, but I wasn’t a sporty kid.   I have hiked most of my life and really enjoy it, and obviously I can walk….well I used to walk better.

A few years ago, I got started on my body positive/weight loss kick and started jogging a bit.  I participated in a few 5Ks, but never ran an entire one.   My knees always began to hurt and in 2012 I had a slight injury.  Since then I have used neoprene sleeves when hiking or playing roller derby.  Yep, I started roller derby after a knee injury and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Last fall, I re-injured my knee while taking out a jammer during a roller derby bout (glorious moment in my life).  I have worked to strengthen my knees with biking and walking, but here I am again with some severe soft tissue damage and swelling in my knees.  The time has finally come to see a knee doctor 😦   I am sad that I have to give up skating for the rest of this year in order to heal properly, but I plan to continue helping with NSO work and possibly come back next season to ref 🙂

I just know that I love camping and hiking and well, walking!!  And my kids need me mobile.  So, I am working to slow down, heal up and find activities that I enjoy that won’t continue to ruin my knees.   Here is a great article of things NOT TO DO and it features a Derby Girl! 🙂  And guess what…..I did all 6 things….time for a change.

Be safe, save your knees!



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