Your Characters

Who are the characters in the story of your life?

A roommate I had always talked about the characters in our lives.  The people who are main characters, those who make staring roles and those who make guest appearances.  Those who become part of the plot and those that remain in the back ground.   The good guys, the bad guys and everyone in between.

He is a writer and now that I am writing I see his point more.  We all have our own story.  We have choices about who the main characters of our story are.  We also have choices about our personal character and who we become.   And really, we can remove a character along the way if they no longer fit into our story ( both good and bad).

Who are your main characters?  Who are your guest stars?  Are you making a good story?  If not, start a new chapter and keep on dreaming.

I am making the most of my story; love, adventure, heartache, joy….it is thrilling!



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