The Sweetness behind ~Cakes~

I found myself and saw my passions more vividly from inside a pair of roller skates among a group of strong and intelligent women.  From roller derby, ~Cakes~ was born (short for Cupcaketrixxx).  It wasn’t that I became anyone new, just that for once in my life I felt great about me and not ashamed to be all of me and let my freak flag fly higher, to be emotional when I was emotional and to really really push for my dreams in life, and to love my body.

I have always been independent, outspoken and a true adventurer.  Life’s tornadoes had landed me in many places that I had to find silver lining in and Life’s rainbows have taken me to glorious wonders.  As a wife, mother, philanthropist and entrepreneur…..let’s just say, sometimes my priorities weren’t always in line with my true values.   But, just like in roller derby…if you aren’t winning, you’re learning!  So I keep rollin’ 🙂

Here is just a small list of words that I associate with myself: Adventurous. Woman.  Full Figured. Body Positive.  Mother of 3. Whimsical Wife. Foodie. Roller Derby Diva. Craft Beer Lover & Pubkeep.  Philanthropist. Whovian. Kitchen Goddess. Tree Hugger. Joy Filled. Blessed. Witty. Sarcastic. Traveler. Lover. Fighter. Honest. Forgiver. Outgoing. Expressive. Unique. Charismatic. Creative. ………  you get the idea.

I am currently working to write a book, part memoir of my life’s adventures and this is my way of getting out the words for later sorting.

I hope you enjoy!



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