Summer Starts To Turn

WOW! Summer flew by! This week our youngest started Kindergarten and I am full of an array of emotions. We are 144 days away from Disney (I have gone 815.85 miles of the 1650, leaving still almost 6 miles per day before the trip to make the goal.)

My yoga and meditation practice is going well. I feel a balance in myself lately that I hope doesn’t leave – RED ROCKS worked a spell on me. I am working to get back into a gym routine again since my mini vacay, but I have been spending every spare minute I had with our daughter before all of our routines changed with the addition to her in Kindergarten.

Today our sons started school (7th and 5th). They have been emailing me quite a bit lately and so this morning I sent them an email that I hope they remember throughout this school year and all those to come.

Hey my boys,
I love you so much and am excited for you to start a new year of school! I hope you have great first days.
Remember to stay true to you! Don’t give in to peer pressure to be someone you are not or to do things you know are not right. Stay away from people that aren’t good for what you want for your futures. You need to work hard to get good grades and train for sports and you don’t want bad influences taking that away from you.  NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, NO BULLYING!
If you are ever bullied or put in a bad situation, remember I love you and you can talk to me about anything and I won’t tell anyone (unless your safety in concerned). Just talk to me, I have been through a lot and I might be able to help you.
Be polite, and ALWAYS be respectful to girls – they are crazy and mean and emotional sometimes, they are going through their own puberty crap that you won’t ever understand. I’m a girl and I don’t always get it, but don’t make it harder on them. Be the bigger man and walk away.
Make healthy choices, stay safe, and most of all HAVE FUN! “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  — Ferris Bueller
I love you with all of my heart and soul!


Here is to Fall slowly blowing in and new journeys for us all.




#ForScienceTour2016 – Day 2

I awoke on day two feeling AMAZING! I was surprised after all the beer drank that I felt that good, but the extra water and walking around LoDo seemed to burn the alcohol off just enough – and for that I was thankful.

We started the day with a trip to Longmont to tour the Oskar Blues Brewery. Every single member of the team I spoke with was friendly, good-humored, and passionate about their work. I loved touring the entire facility with our personal guide, Luke.

We tried some great brews at the Tasty Weasel before heading to the Oskar Blues restaurant a little further away.

After a great beginning to the day, we stopped at REI and then headed to Habit Doughnut Dispensary for an afternoon coffee and treat.

We continued walking through the LoDo area in preparation to catch our Red Rocks bus. We made a quick stop at a real dispensary so we could say we had been inside one🙂 WILD – I know!

Once on our bus, run by Front Range Ski, it was a party. Our driver, Venus, was hilarious and you could tell she really enjoyed her job. The concert going fans were kind and fun, with many being from Minnesota (small world).


Yep, we hiked all the way up there.


The hike up to Red Rocks amphitheater was the fastest, steepest climb of my life. I thought I might die half way up, it was so steep. My knees weren’t having it but I wasn’t missing out nor was the old lady with the cane going to beat me🙂 A fan has to be dedicated to the music and nature to fully enjoy all that is Red Rocks. Once at the top, the view was spectacular and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.


Lord Huron and Trampled by Turtles were amazing to see

and their sound only accentuated the venue.

Once back to Denver we made a quick stop at VooDoo Doughnut for a late night snack.



The next morning I was up and on the way to the airport by 8am with a stop in the airport for breakfast and my last flight of Denver beer – and one in air Fat Tire.

This trip refreshed my soul and brought me great joy.

It was a wonderful experience, good brews, and magical memories.

Until the next trip- I am looking for the adventure within each new day.



#ForScienceTour2016 – Day 1

A week ago I left for Denver and it was a whirlwind; honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I tasted 34 unique craft brews, entered my first real speakeasy, ate donuts/pastries (more than my entire last year combined), walked unknown miles, and made the fastest, steepest ascent of my life to reach the musical majesty that is Red Rocks amphitheater to bask in the energy of the best concert (music + environment + Rockie Mountain air = epic ) experience I have ever had.  And all in less than 48 hours🙂

 It all started with an idea of creating a bucket list and slowly finding friends who wanted to adventure with me. I have worked with Angela at Wooden Legs Brewing Company for 2 years. This was our first trip together, but I can see more in our future. Our love of craft beer brought us together and our sense of adventure will keep us wandering.  We decided 6 months ago to make Red Rocks happen and it did.


The first Denver beer was inside the airport at Boulder Beer Tap House. I can’t say it was much to write home about, but it was the first Colorado beer in Colorado.



We started our brewery tour at Union Station where we met up with a friend of mine and one of her Denver friends.








Totally unlike me, I forgot to grab the map I had created of LoDo and the breweries and sites of interest I had looked into. Luckily, my friend brought a local and she guided us into an awesome evening.

The first brewery stop was Wynkoop Brewing.

From Wynkoop we walked past Coors Field to Breckenridge Brewing.

Our next stop was a short walk to Great Divide Brewing for a Yeti sighting.  $1 samples and a selection of flights! We ordered almost everything to try as a group.









From Great Divide, we walked to a cool little joint called First Draft. You start a tab and get an electronic card, choose the beer you want to try, tap your card on the screen and start pouring. You can sample up to 40 brews with your card keeping track of price per ounce on each pour. I personally loved it and tried quite a bit for under $10.

From here I had my first Uber experience. Forrest was a really nice guy putting up with four tipsy, giggly women. We headed to a Jazz club to end the evening, however, after a little Jazz we were on the hunt of one of the elusive speakeasies in the area. Our hunt took us to Historic Larimer Square amidst a canopy of lights in search of Green Russell. We found it down some stairs near a courtyard.

Phones aren’t allowed to be used inside (unless you go to the phone booth) so we took a quick shot in the ‘diner’ waiting area. It was dark, quiet, and lovely inside. The cocktails were top notch and by goodness order their pie!!

It was a sweet end to night one🙂



My brother has been doing a lot of yoga lately, but really that is his story to tell. In talking about his practice the topic of ‘what yoga means to you’ came up. I didn’t think much of it, but when you can’t sleep the mind wonders and I really meditated on the subject.

What YOGA means to me:

Acceptance – of myself, as I am now, in this moment. Acceptance of all of me; my goals, emotions, limitations, and body.

Mindfulness – being present now. Allowing my mind and body time to be at peace, time to heal and feel. Time to focus on me.

Letting go – of expectations of my body and the body of others set by society. Letting go of negative self-talk and the rambling thoughts that inundate my mind on the day to day.

Being – Having a firm sense of being, posture aligned with breath. A centered drive to break free of constraints and be happy in this place and working to become better each day.

Summer Updates

We are 207 days from our BIG Disney Trip!  We just sent in our ADR (Advance Dining Reservations) to our Disney Travel Agent and are excited to see if we get everything on our list in the order we want. The 2017 Disney Resort “deals” just came out and our Magical Moments – Disney Travel Agent is working to get any added bonuses (room discounts or dining discounts) for us.  We also have almost all of our Disney Bounding outfits put together and I bought a pair of Chaco sandals to break in this summer before the trip.

As of my bike ride to work this morning, I have walked, biked, or skated 450 miles of the 1,650 to Disney, leaving 1,200 miles remaining – not great, as this leaves me at almost 6 miles a day until we leave, gotta get some big bike trips in this summer to help pull that down. But this doesn’t include my yoga, weight, or water aerobics exercise. I actually want to become a certified water aerobics instructor, it is fun, burns calories, tones, and my knees don’t hurt afterward.

I fell off the 5K wagon – I really hate running!

Loving my new career hard and feeling pretty good about it all🙂 Thank you, Lord!

Trying to get some house work done this summer and enjoy the last summer before our youngest starts Kindergarten…how did that happen so fast?

Other trips on my horizon:

Denver Beer Tour and Trampled By Turtles at Red Rocks – 47 days

Family Trip to celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday – 78 days

Chicago Tour with my Mom and seeing HAMILTON! – 103 days

Looking forward to a summer full of family fun, blessings, and joy!  And working on my book….more to come🙂

All the love


The Last 6 Years

A few months ago my husband and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  It is wild to think we have known each other for just over 6 years. I am so glad I have had this time with him and our family. 


In the last 6 years:

We met

We liked each other

We continued to see each other

We got physical

We lived in different towns

We got pregnant

We discussed our future

We moved in together

We became a blended family

We became parents

We got engaged

We traveled

We bought a home

We argued

We made poor decisions

We cried

We laughed so hard we almost peed

We stayed up late

We planned for the future

We celebrated holidays and special days

We worried

We had career changes

We taught our children

We LIVED! and continue to live and love more each day. 

Happy Father’s Day to one of the greatest men I have ever met!  I love you to infinity and beyond!

Building On Dreams in 2016

I know I left many of you hanging with my last post and it seems like the changes were forever ago, and yet it was just a few weeks. 
Today marks 292 days until Disney World.  We ended up changing our dates and resort, but are now booked, including airfare.   We chose to stay at Art of Animation resort, as it was cheaper and provided our family a bit more space.  Oh, and THE BIG BLUE POOL enticed the children more than paddlewheels.   We are very excited and continue to plan.  We are just awaiting the release of dining/ticket packages for the time of our trip and we will be set.

The podcast I hate to say, has gone to the wayside.  Big changes came in our life and I realized that there are so many great Disney resources that I didn’t need to chime in.

I have continued to walk/jog a 5k each month and have currently gone 377.35 miles in my goal to walk,bike,skate 1650 miles before I go to Disney.  Luckily spring is finally on the horizon and April 1st start #30DaysOfBiking – this will help me add miles quickly.

After losing and maintaining a loss of 25lbs.  I earned the coveted treasure of Mermaid Leggings🙂

Recently a co-worker at WLBC and I started a webcast.  Check out our craft beer tasting, education, and shenanigans on YouTube
But these are all small joys compared to the biggest change – I started a new career!

When I say a new career, I mean I left the world of business managment and finance for the world of writing!  I am now the editor for a magazine and have been happier than I ever thought was possible at my job.  I love my office, my co-workers, my work itself….EVERYTHING!

First Professional Shoot

What does this mean for you?  I will continue to write in the RAW here – all my crazy ideas, parenting pro-tips, fitness attempts, etc.  And hopefully I can actually get to it more often with feeling less stressed.

Thanks for hanging on folks and supporting me.