Previous Blogs

I have had a few lifestyle blogs in my time….

it all started with a roommate, we had a great time coming up with a topic and each writing our point of view on said topic….that was years ago and I am not sure how to even find the link…..the search continues.

I have created a healthy lifestyle blog:

Last year I lost 47 lbs. using Isagenix products and working out.  I have gained a lot back and am continuing to work towards my goals….but Life isn’t always so neatly categorized, so all this goes here now 🙂

I also love to cook and during a time of being without a job, I made my passion for cooking a job and wrote a cooking/recipe blog:

Guess what, as an added bonus you get all my recipes and tips right here now!  Woo Hoo!

I also, at one point was very worried about what I might write…not wanting to hurt others or ultimately embarrass myself.  Well, to heck with it!  I might not write things I want my kids to read now, but as adults, so be it.   Life is life; good, bad, ugly and beautiful.  I am going to write it all from my point and my opinion.  I don’t expect anyone to agree or even understand, if it isn’t for you, move on.

So…under a pseudonym, Niki A. LeClair ; Nicole is my middle name and as a child, I was Nikki, A is for Antoinette – Marie Antoinette (Let them eat Cake) , LeClair for who knows why….it sounded good together, and I wrote this:

Now….I may grab items off these blogs and add them here in the future, but for now if you are interested go ahead and take a peek on your own before I go back and re-edit them.



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