Carpe Dia & Co.

Dia & Co. is one, of a rare few, personal styling companies catering to plus size women. 

To sign up you give all the ‘regular’ information and take a style questionnaire. The questionnaire covers everything from your personal style, how often you dress casually or in business attire a week, the body parts you want to show off or hide, and what items you aren’t interested in, and price points. 

You the pay a $20 styling fee. Here is the key, that $20 is credited to anything you choose to keep from your style box. If you choose to keep everything in your box, you receive the $20 credit plus 25% off everything! Great deal. You can choose a one time box, a monthly box, and other subscription variations. 

My experience is as follows:

I wanted pants and tops with a business casual feel, no dresses or accessories. 

Beautiful boxed and personalized.

The top images: Ember colored pants – these were awesome for the most part. Exact length I like, comfortable, and stunning color. My only issue was the waist gap, which is an issue when you buy pants to fit your hips and thighs. 

Black and white stripe blouse – loved the sleeve detail, color, and material … but had the generic plus size boxy cut that isn’t flattering on me. 

Black Skirt – Nothing not to love. The only reason I didn’t buy it is because I already have a few almost exactly like it. 

Peach blouse – love the color, fabric, and cut, however, it was too small in the chest for my ladies. 

Skinny Jeans – the first pair of skinny jeans I’ve ever tried. Good on length and fit, but just showed all the unflattering leg dimples.

Overall, I felt the sizing was a 9 on fit and they had my style at 8 ( on a 1-10, 10 is high scale).

I ended up sending it all back and am out my first $20 styling fee. That isn’t too bad, because I have now made my personal comments about each piece on the Dia & Co. site and they will be better able to style me next month and I know more about what I truly prefer. 

I say the $20 fee is worth at least one good try for every plus size gal!




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