Finding the Magic in the Magic Kingdom

Our first full day of Disney Magic began in the Magic Kingdom. We had made very special advanced dining reservations to have breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table at 8 AM. This allowed us into the park before actual ‘rope drop’ and was entirely worth it!

We awoke early and prepared for the day. Hopped on our Art of Animation bus to the Magic Kingdom and enjoyed the sunrise over Seven Seas Lagoon. We watched the ferry boats starting to cross the water to gather passengers and waited in absolute excitement.


We had read before leaving that the Magic Kingdom Railroad would be down for refurbishments and the opening show had been changed, so we were prepared. The magic truly starts before you even walk in the gates. I cannot express how amazing each cast member is…if only all customer service was so good!

Upon entering the gates, we walked into the Main Street USA square and caught our first glimpse of the castle. It was everything I had hoped for – amazing, beautiful, whimsical…I teared up a bit! We were able to make our way down Main Street USA, take some great family photos and make our way to Cinderella’s Castle.


The area is really beautiful, with benches tucked away, fountains, and flowers. We were greeted at Cinderella’s Royal Table by women of retirement age in renaissance style costumes (I know where I am going to retire!). We checked-in for breakfast and made our way INSIDE the castle to meet Cinderella, herself. It was a whirlwind, but wonderful.



Meeting her first princess! Look at that smile 🙂


Then we climbed the spiral stairs to the dining room. The decor was regal and comfortable. The food was delicious! A starter of mixed pastries and great coffee had me falling in love. We met Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, and Ariel.




When our breakfast was over, we made our way back down to the Castle corridor. The Welcome show had already begun on the Castle stage, but we had a perfect spot to watch from the corridor and we were the only ones there (other than cast members). They allowed us right up to the rope and we got to wave to all the characters that had been on stage as they returned to the castle. We all decided we had a much better view and were so happy to not be stuck in the entrance crowds.



Now to the rides! Our very first ride was…



It’s A Small World


It is iconic and fun for the whole family, but it also showed the kids the beginning of rides as compared to the fast, technologically advanced thrill rides of today.

I then enjoyed a grand ride on the Prince Charming Regal Carousel with our daughter.



After that, it is a blur of fun! I know we rode The Little Mermaid Ride, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, Astro Orbiter, Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway, People Mover, Magic Carpet Ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain….I am sure I am missing some.


Our kids’ very first coast ride was Seven Dwarves Mine Train. It was amazing. Super fun, with great theming.


One of the best shots from our trip! Seven Dwarves Mine Train


After a day of play, we spent our evening in my Restaurant pick – Be Our Guest! I am a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan! I feel I am a ‘Belle’ type and my husband has a wicked awesome beard (and is possibly a little stubborn)…close enough right.

The meal was fantastic. The whole atmosphere was elegant and so well themed…and YES! the Grey Stuff is delicious!


As dinner ended, Wishes fireworks began and it was a remarkable finalé to a magical day!



I love reliving our magical memories! We are already talking about our “next” trip 🙂





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