2 Week Review

I received my 2 week digital-chip yesterday. It is still a bit odd for me to think about, but it is an accomplishment. Even if I only drank one night a week or once every other week before, it was a coping mechanism. I would go out on evenings when I was feeling the most stress. Along the way, I made great friends and even now look forward to talking with those friends when I can. 

I made it through my first pub visit and drank water – thank you to my pub family for all your support and being my surrogate livers for the next 50 weeks. I love these people deeply and even while not drinking, I feel a little empty when I don’t see them for awhile. 

I have thrown myself fully into my yoga practice. I do a yoga routine almost every morning. At night before bed, I yoga again and have been working on supported shoulder stands – I held it for a minute thus far.  I have also started a weekly Pilates/Barre class (12 weeks) and enjoy the added challenge. 

Harney and Sons Tea has been a life saver. As a 1 week gift, I ordered some great teas that I drink daily (trying to reduce caffeine too!).  And with no effort on my part, I am down 6 lbs. – even though I am PMSy and bloated today.  

Side note: Murphy’s Law states then when your cycle is irregular, the one time it decides to be on target is when you plan to be on your dream come true vacation!  Seriously! 😂 I can’t make this stuff up. 

I have been doing a lot of reading, journaling, looking deeper at myself and working to build new coping mechanisms. It has brought my husband and I closer and for that I will be forever grateful!

Well, we are off to Disney soon – I will hit my 3 week while at Epcot – another humorous juxtaposition since I had looked so forward to drinking around the world.  I guess I will be sharing snacks with my kids and really that is who this trip is meant to be about. 

I will live with love and ease. 



One thought on “2 Week Review

  1. It’s wonderful to read this. I understand completely about drinking friends becoming surrogates in that way while being supportive of you stopping the drinking. That’s what happened when I quit smoking. Proved to me that underneath it all we all acknowledge that it is not good for us.


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