Day 6 – #sober2017

Just received my 6 day chip this morning – almost have this first week in the bag. 

I feel great thus far. I am drinking more water and teas (Trying to also cut back just a bit on coffee/caffeine). I am planning to get a Kambucha starter kit and start making that for my craving of carbonated beverages once in awhile, as I don’t really drink sodas. 

Benefits so far:

Sleeping better! – I have had more regulated and deeper sleep. I am able to wake up at 5:45 each morning without issue to start my day. I take this early time to read a devotional or the Bible (personal choice) and do a great morning yoga flow. 

Less joint pain! – Thank God! I was worried I was going to be hobbling through Disney World. The yoga and lack of alcohol sugars have decreased joint swelling and are giving me a larger range of motion, pain free, each day. 

A little more time and money – I am a busy woman and I actually feel less busy because I haven’t had anytime stolen from me by hanging out with friends at a bar. I even decided to start building a LipSense business – Snow White may envy my red lips. 

Eventually I do want to make more time to hang out again, but I know I need to get settled into my new routine in order to persevere when the temptations come. 

Speaking of temptation – I was very much looking forward to drinking beer in Epcot that I couldn’t get around here. I am a bit saddened by this, but again I want to be enjoying my family and not be looking for the next beer cart with something I’ve never tried…maybe next time Disney 🙂 

I am excited for my first Dole Whip! Only 13 days to go. 

Oh – and I am down 2.8 lbs so far. Yay!



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