Spirited Social Experimentation

Today, December 28, 2016 is Day 1. This day has been a long time coming for a plethora of reasons, but today I am ready to start a new journey. A journey that is both frightening and invigorating. I fear losing friends and social experiences because I thrive in those areas of my life and on the other hand I don’t want to potentially give up the possibility to be the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I also fear what ‘failing’ at this would really mean to me. 

I have struggled with my weight for years. Even when I lost over 50 lbs, I was pleased but it wasn’t enough. It was always about the next pound and when I could eat next. It wasn’t mentally or physically healthy now that I look back on it. When I gained the weight back I felt bad – others could physically see I had lost the battle and reverted to my old ways. Part of those ways were drinking too much and not exercising enough. 

A roller derby knee injury layed me up for awhile and took its toll on my activity level. In fact, my level has not really increased since. I’ve tried all the expensive ‘diet’ plans and yes they work, but only if followed to a perfect T!

I weigh the same now that I did last year at this time. I read Level Up Your Life and changed careers, prioritized family time, and traveled more. I meditate regularly and sleep better. I am getting back into yoga (again) and starting next week will be participating in a 12 week series of Pilates Mat/Barre classes. 

2017 is for my physical health, now that my mental and emotional health are better from the 2016 changes. So as of today, I am working each day to be alcohol free for a year. Maybe I will sip champagne on New Year’s 2018 – or maybe I will realize that I can move on from love of beer to find healthy potential in other areas of my life because I want all the time I can have with my family in this life and I want more money to travel – and I want to look good and feel good doing it. 

So here is to a new year and a new journey! (Luckily my amazing husband doesn’t drink so I will always have him in my corner.)




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