My brother has been doing a lot of yoga lately, but really that is his story to tell. In talking about his practice the topic of ‘what yoga means to you’ came up. I didn’t think much of it, but when you can’t sleep the mind wonders and I really meditated on the subject.

What YOGA means to me:

Acceptance – of myself, as I am now, in this moment. Acceptance of all of me; my goals, emotions, limitations, and body.

Mindfulness – being present now. Allowing my mind and body time to be at peace, time to heal and feel. Time to focus on me.

Letting go – of expectations of my body and the body of others set by society. Letting go of negative self-talk and the rambling thoughts that inundate my mind on the day to day.

Being – Having a firm sense of being, posture aligned with breath. A centered drive to break free of constraints and be happy in this place and working to become better each day.


2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. For me, yoga is many things. At its basic level it is the combination of breath and posture, practiced regularly. It is a place for me to try to quiet my mind, meditate, and commune with the present. It is a place of quiet, stillness in this loud jumble of motion that is living in a city. It is a spiritual connection to something more than myself; be it human, animal, plant, mineral, or energy. It is a balance between motion and stillness, pushing and pulling, rooting and stretching; an expression of the duality of our lives and nature.
    I first started practicing yoga about 8 years ago. I started practicing because a friend invited me to a class. I thought it would be a nice compliment to Kung Fu and assist me in strengthening my mind and body and increase my flexibility. As I continued to practice, I was drawn to the peace; the fleeting moments of presence; that I would find while on my mat. Work started to consume more and more of my time, and my yoga practice fell to the wayside. After 6 years of limited (or no) practice, I really felt incomplete. I missed all of the positive benefits and moments of stillness in my practice. Now, I try to get to my classes as soon as the studio opens, so I have time to meditate and breathe. The controlled environment helps facilitate this process, providing sanctuary for me. I practice to strengthen my body and mind. I practice to appreciate sensation. I practice to help control my Type 1 diabetes. I practice to find love and appreciation of myself. I practice to give and receive positive energy. I practice to let go of the negative thoughts and energy within me. I practice to sweat, twist, stretch, move, and hold. I practice to find a deeper understanding of myself. I practice to smile. I practice to breathe.

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