Summer Updates

We are 207 days from our BIG Disney Trip!  We just sent in our ADR (Advance Dining Reservations) to our Disney Travel Agent and are excited to see if we get everything on our list in the order we want. The 2017 Disney Resort “deals” just came out and our Magical Moments – Disney Travel Agent is working to get any added bonuses (room discounts or dining discounts) for us.  We also have almost all of our Disney Bounding outfits put together and I bought a pair of Chaco sandals to break in this summer before the trip.

As of my bike ride to work this morning, I have walked, biked, or skated 450 miles of the 1,650 to Disney, leaving 1,200 miles remaining – not great, as this leaves me at almost 6 miles a day until we leave, gotta get some big bike trips in this summer to help pull that down. But this doesn’t include my yoga, weight, or water aerobics exercise. I actually want to become a certified water aerobics instructor, it is fun, burns calories, tones, and my knees don’t hurt afterward.

I fell off the 5K wagon – I really hate running!

Loving my new career hard and feeling pretty good about it all 🙂 Thank you, Lord!

Trying to get some house work done this summer and enjoy the last summer before our youngest starts Kindergarten…how did that happen so fast?

Other trips on my horizon:

Denver Beer Tour and Trampled By Turtles at Red Rocks – 47 days

Family Trip to celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday – 78 days

Chicago Tour with my Mom and seeing HAMILTON! – 103 days

Looking forward to a summer full of family fun, blessings, and joy!  And working on my book….more to come 🙂

All the love



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