Building On Dreams in 2016

I know I left many of you hanging with my last post and it seems like the changes were forever ago, and yet it was just a few weeks. 
Today marks 292 days until Disney World.  We ended up changing our dates and resort, but are now booked, including airfare.   We chose to stay at Art of Animation resort, as it was cheaper and provided our family a bit more space.  Oh, and THE BIG BLUE POOL enticed the children more than paddlewheels.   We are very excited and continue to plan.  We are just awaiting the release of dining/ticket packages for the time of our trip and we will be set.

The podcast I hate to say, has gone to the wayside.  Big changes came in our life and I realized that there are so many great Disney resources that I didn’t need to chime in.

I have continued to walk/jog a 5k each month and have currently gone 377.35 miles in my goal to walk,bike,skate 1650 miles before I go to Disney.  Luckily spring is finally on the horizon and April 1st start #30DaysOfBiking – this will help me add miles quickly.

After losing and maintaining a loss of 25lbs.  I earned the coveted treasure of Mermaid Leggings 🙂

Recently a co-worker at WLBC and I started a webcast.  Check out our craft beer tasting, education, and shenanigans on YouTube
But these are all small joys compared to the biggest change – I started a new career!

When I say a new career, I mean I left the world of business managment and finance for the world of writing!  I am now the editor for a magazine and have been happier than I ever thought was possible at my job.  I love my office, my co-workers, my work itself….EVERYTHING!

First Professional Shoot

What does this mean for you?  I will continue to write in the RAW here – all my crazy ideas, parenting pro-tips, fitness attempts, etc.  And hopefully I can actually get to it more often with feeling less stressed.

Thanks for hanging on folks and supporting me.




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