New Tech City

boy drawing cloud network on the wall

So….after years (since 2012) of having an iPhone 4s, I have made the leap to upgrade.  This week I will receive my new iPhone 6s Plus with 64 gig….it is huge!!   I have been watching YouTube tutorials on added features but really I am just happy to have something with enough memory to hold my apps and photos. ( mostly photos!)

I also received a Misfit Shine 2 as an early birthday/Christmas present.  I am excited to track my steps (miles for Walk, Bike, Skate to Walt Disney World), sleep, etc.  I am new to this type of device and though it seems to have pretty easy to set up, I am interested to see the results of being able to track progress that isn’t just pedometer or heart rate based.   I think it will help me keep a visual on my goals and daily reminders to keep active, plus it is versatile to use for biking, swimming, zumba, yoga and more.

Here’s to feeling like a newb in the land of Tech again.  Hoping the upgrades in my tech will help me track the upgrades in my lifestyle 🙂



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