A Merry Star Wars Christmas


If you don’t already know, our family is a little geeky, nerdy, sci-fantastic!

My birthday is in the middle of December and for the last few years I have been able to look forward to seeing a LOTR or Hobbit movie for my birthday.   My husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan, having read almost every Star Wars novel written, watched all the movies, played all the games and is an active SWTOR player.  So this year we have have proclaimed a Star Wars Themed Christmas in our home 🙂

We will be seeing the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  I have already completed all my holiday shopping online!  I ordered the kids Star Wars t-shirts from TeePublic.  I ordered them Pop figures.  They are all getting a different colored Nerf Light Sabers (cause we all know kids are going to hit stuff with sticks of anykind!)   They are also all getting a Star Wars themed game: Bop It R2-D2, Battleship and Hands Down and a few Legos.

I have also started working on a list of menu items to keep the fun going, some possible menu item names:

Wookie Cookies (this is a real recipe)

Ewok-ing Tacos

Hans Solo-ntro Dip

Boba – Fettucini

Cantina Coolers

Guido Gumbo (we have a tradition of Gumbo on Christmas Eve)

Jaba the Hot-Cocoa

I am looking forward to a fun weekend together celebrating in a way that is unique to us 🙂



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