Week 3 – Weigh Down Re-cap


With some ups and downs, I ended week 3 with a total of 6 lbs lost, sticking to my 2lb a week minimum goal 🙂

I can say, that the work day is the easiest.  I pack my lunch and snack in the morning and during the day I can regulate when I actually eat it.   On the weekends, trying to keep the kids on a schedule I faltered a bit, as I wanted to eat with them and thus probably ate more when I wasn’t really hungry….as I had been 8.5 lbs down at the beginning of the weekend.

I have allowed myself small goodies, a few bites of ice cream (really good haagen dazs – tiramisu ) and a beer once in awhile.  The real battle will be my trip to the cities this weekend, as I will be eating great food and hitting the brewery scene.  Wish me luck!

Getting the goals, 1 day and 1 lb at a time!



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