Bo$om Buck$

Bras, like jeans, are some of the most difficult apparel items to get to fit just right. The difference; YOU KNOW  if your jeans don’t fit correctly, if they bind or are too tight to get over your hips, etc.  With bras, most women don’t realize they aren’t wearing the right fit (READ MORE HERE).  In my opinion this has ALOT to do with cost and what is available.  I never wanted to spend BIG money on a bra….it isn’t like anyone really sees it and my local store only had certain sizes, so a 38DDD seemed to fit good enough.

With anything not made well and that doesn’t fit properly, you are bound to wear it out fast and that is what I did.  $10-15 a bra and I would bust underwires in 2-3 months.  Now lets think about the cost, I wear a bra 2-3 days before washing, so I need two bras to rotate through the work week, nothing fancy.  And if I have a day off, I don’t even put a bra on 🙂

Now for cost: 2 bras at $15 each, and replacing them at least quarterly = 2X15X4 = $120/year.  That is .32 cents a day for a year.

4 years ago, as my body changed after my 3rd child, I realized just how important good foundation items (undergarments) are to your overall look and how you feel in your clothes.   I searched for good bras, but I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t catalog order only that I thought would fit my larger bosom.

One day I ran across Essential BodyWear, a “party” style selling platform.  It was worth a try.  I invited my friends, we tried on bras that ACTUALLY fit us in every way!  I learned proper undergarment care and realized that my chest looked and felt better with the proper fit and support.  I was sold and purchased two Abbey bras in October of 2011.  Yes, I did spend some BIG money, though for being a hostess I got a nice deal. I have wore my buff colored bra almost 4-5 days a week for almost 4 years(my black one is only back-up).  It has held up remarkably, even when I have thrown it in a washer instead of hand washing.  Today, it finally gave in and the wire broke, luckily I still have my black one as back-up!  I am sad to see this bra go, it has done right by me on many occasions and through many experiences.

Cost of a good bra:  $150 for 2 bras & 2 panties in 2011.  To replace just the single bra today would cost me $85 ($70 + tax and shipping)  So if I pay $85 for a bra that I will wear 5 days a week for almost 4 years, I am spending only .9 per day for 4 years.   I am literally saving almost $400 over 4 years just in undergarments.   That is just a darn good investment as a women!

So to all my female reader: GET A GOOD BRA!!  Get sized and spend the money, it is a great investment in yourself.  Make sure your daughters learn about proper bra fitting right away so they don’t waste their life in ill fitting undergarments.  Men: Make sure your ladies are in proper fitting items, they will appreciate that you care!

The center of the bra should be against the skin of your breast bone and your breasts shouldn’t be spilling out the top or bottom. The back and straps should lay flat, not binding your skin (even for big girls)



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