Post Labor Day Goal


I have allowed my depression to be a gateway drug to poor health choices in the last 6 months….that means I have gained all the weight I lost last spring plus some.

I woke up the other morning sick and tired of it….so…

Step 1: set goals

Step 2: make a plan

Step 3: Tell others so you can hold yourself accountable

I leave on vacation tonight (#HouckTheMountains2015), and I have made great changes to my food intake and water consumption this week!  I read this article on Monday and it set the tone 🙂  1% improvement is reachable daily if you choose to do it!

Now, I intend to splurge a bit while on vacation….drink beers from breweries I have never heard of, eat great food…but I will be hiking and camping so it won’t be a total splurge.  And when I return, the picture above says it all.  I have goals, for me.  I am going to be a little selfish, because for Christmas I want to put on my size 14 jeans again 🙂

Here is to reaching your 1% improvement a day and letting it compound!



2 thoughts on “Post Labor Day Goal

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