Disney Decisions – Pre Planning

Making Magic and Magical Memories:

After much research, cost comparisons, mapping and discussion.  Our family will be booking our resort this week…..you can book your hotel with Disney 499 days prior to your arrival.   Once the package prices have been released for the time you plan to be at Disney, you can then upgrade and take the discounted package pricing.

( Disney website)

We plan to be in Disney Jan. 4-8, 2017 and will be staying at Port Orleans ~ Riverside resort.  I can’t thank Jillian Foster enough, from Magical Moments Vacations.  She has helped me with pre pre planning, now pre planning and will help through the continued planning of our magical adventure to Disney World.

We have also decided to fly, so after the 1st of the year we will start looking for flights from Omaha or Minneapolis to Orlando.

We have decided to get the Memory Maker and Disney Dining Plan in our package when we book.

Now we are working on our list of things we really want to do or see, and places we are really interested in dining at.  We can book FastPass items 180 days prior to arrival and can book Character meet-ups and dinner reservations 60 days prior to arrival….I think I have that right.

Either way, we are all very excited to continue planning this magical family vacation!

I hope everyone’s new school year has started swell, have a happy and safe Labor Day weeked.  I will be back more diligently to the blog after our trip to the mountains.



2 thoughts on “Disney Decisions – Pre Planning

  1. We like planning our Disney vacations far in advance, too. I do fun activity countdowns with my kids to make the time before our trip almost as special as the vacation itself. My son is always disappointed to be know that we are running out of “Mickey Mondays” before our trip. Check out my blog if you ever need a dose of Disney or ideas to count down with your kids.


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