Knitty Gritty


I feel bad that I have been away from the page for so long, but life has gotten busy in all realms of realness and I had matters to attend.  We are very excited to be leaving on our epic family adventure over Labor Day weekend…..all that info and itinerary in a future post 🙂

In preparation for our journey, I am also getting ready for my long car trip activity of choice – KNITTING!   Last year, on our trip to the Black Hills, I knit my first piece.  A super comfy cozy cowl scarf.

My first knit piece!

My first knit piece!

I have crocheted for years; hats, scarves, baby blankets.   One day while home ill, I decided to teach myself to knit.  This is the video I used:

GoodKnitKisses – Video 1 Casting On

I really liked her first 6 videos, they got me on the right track for a simple scarf as my first project!

I have been getting stuff ready for the kids and hadn’t thought about a project for me until……Harry Potter inspired Merino colors!!  (gifts of yarn are always welcome 🙂  )

After some agonizing, as I could only afford 1 skein….I decided on the Incendio ( The Fire Spell)


I plan on using this cowl pattern:

I am pretty excited!!  Excited for vacation….Excited for another great homemade fashion piece!

Never be afraid to TEACH YOURSELF something new!



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