Harm None

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I took a few days to think, spend time with an ill child, and attempt to get some of my groove back.   Regardless of what I write or my opinions, my intent is never to hurt another.   I attempt to be conscious of how items might be taken and I know that sometimes I just have to laugh at myself for being so ridiculous.

Recently, my husbear shaved his beard.  I have been not the nicest person to deal with and when I pondered further, I realized I was being a child and protesting his change of facial hair.  I know, ridiculous.  Granted he looks much younger than me when he shaves, and kissing becomes prickly….but I was more or less having a tantrum every time we discussed something…and really for no good reason.   I had to look down deep and remind myself that he didn’t say a word against me when I gained my weight back.   OUCH!  I sucked for a few days.

I am looking deeper still to find the seed of my beard infatuation, as it didn’t start in my life until he came along….and to be honest, he didn’t have a beard when we met. When he first grew it, I was unsure but it soon became a great love for the look.  I was already in love with the man.

Just remember we aren’t perfect and we need to be respectful, even when it is hard.



One thought on “Harm None

  1. Harm none..a bit simplistic. This doesn’t address the big what if, what if I have to choose between harming myself and harming someone else. What if someone think my good is harm and vice versa…and the biggest question is Why?, then why?, then why to each successive response


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