Minion Madness


Recently, I took our 2 youngest children ( 9 & 4 1/2) to see the Minion movie.  Now these little yellow fellows are adorable and won our hearts in Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2.   They were adorable and funny and as background characters with small unintelligible speaking parts, it was added humor and cuteness to the films.   I am sorry to say that I can’t say the same for their own feature film 😦

Now, I love a banana as much as Stewart…..but with almost 2 hours of hearing…..blah blah blah banana, blah blah blah papaya, blah blah boss….and other nondescript language…..I was over it.   My 4 year old even asked at one point what they were saying….I’m not sure if she was really able to follow the story or plot because of it.   And for all the funny antics, this film had some darkness, particularly in the language department, as I heard the word “kill” multiple times.   Usually in children oriented flicks you hear “destroy” or “defeat” or “take over”….but to have the villian, Scarlet Overkill say “Kill” so many times……as a parent, I WAS NOT IMPRESSED!

On another note, yes I do enjoy a little adult humor in children’s films.   I am going with my kids and sometimes it is nice to get a giggle from something they don’t get.  There was some in this film, but overall I don’t feel it was a great movie for kids.  We will still love Minions, we just feel let down by this film.

From a parent’s perspective.



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