Burning Urge

burning man1

So by now, everyone should know I have an adventurous spirit 🙂  For years I have daydreamed about participating in Burning Man; the art, the people, tribe life….THE ART!!!   Freedom from everyday society to live and learn and meet more amazing people.  Waking up everyday is a blessing and I want to live my dreams and add stories to my life, and I want my kids to see it and know they can do it too!


In my mind I have planned to go to Burning Man in the fall (Aug-Sept) of 2019, this will be the fall right before I turn 40 and it will be an awesome gift to myself.   I honestly can’t wait to write about the experience.   I am currently looking for a tribe or camp to be involved with, especially if I get to help with any of the ART!!

Did I  mention that I love ART !?

Did I mention that I love ART !?

If you don’t know about Burning Man, please take a look at the website and don’t forget to check out the art installations that will be on the playa this year 🙂  http://burningman.org/event/brc/


The Playa

I look forward to the week I call this half moon, home and live a collective dream with other dreamers, thinkers & artists. I long to feel the burn and live to tell the tale.



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