The Venn of Zen


I want to dive a little deeper into this “career” business.   I found this venn diagram and decided to work on one for myself.


I am currently frustrated and a little bored at what I do during the day.  I don’t make enough to just work 1 job and my 2nd job wouldn’t be enough if I just did that full time.   I do some photography on the side, but it is not a full business.  I help with insurance, but as good as I am with people…that doesn’t seem to be working in my favor….I am not good at sales apparently.   I also sell Pampered Chef, which by the looks of my diagram would be almost perfection, the products sell themselves because they are so amazing and helpful, but I can’t seem to get enough leads in my area to make it a viable full time operation though I would love it if I could get to that point!!!

I always wanted to own a coffee shop/bakery, but there are plenty of coffee shops in our town.   There are caterers, there are restaurants.   Maybe I need to start a camp….all year, a space that I can plan summer camp events and a retreat for others to rent during the off season….but that takes a ton of money I don’t have… the search continues.

I am on the search to live my career dreams and maybe this isn’t the right time in God’s plan.  I know I don’t want to move anywhere until our children are in college because I love the area we are in.  I also know I would like to my husband to have a job he felt more fulfilled in, so the search is on for us both.   We want work/family balance, financial freedoms and the ability to travel with our children…..the American Dream….and I am not willing to give up on it yet 🙂

We are blessed and I know more blessings are in our future!   Looking deep, setting goals and taking steps forward.



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