Wagon Rest-Stop


I made it 13 days without alcohol before choosing to make a pit stop and enjoy a few moderate beers with family.

I am proud to be able to say no when I want and yes when I want without over doing it! It is a choice…not a need 🙂   I have been very pleased with how things were going by not drinking; eating healthier, maintaining weight loss, more money in my bank account and more time at home.   I am definitely choosing to stay on my path!  I have taken a pit stop and I will get back on the wagon tomorrow and ride it until the next pit stop.

The beers I chose to drink this week were very delightful and flavorful.  My palate had time to rest and it was like enjoying something for the first time again 🙂   I also like the beverage reward for maintaining my weight loss.

Here is to the next leg of the journey.   I am going to work for a full 30 day separation from alcohol and then enjoy some beverages on our vacation west over Labor Day.

Moderation is always the key!



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