Making the most of stillness

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Yesterday I had an MRI on my right knee and was reminded of how terrible life must be like for kids at times.  SIT STILL, DON’T MOVE, JUST WAIT A MINUTE …..  I heard all these phrases, though the words were not yelled at me, I found it difficult to stay still for the 45 minutes (what felt like eternity) of my knee scans.

I don’t know if I have ever been still that long while awake in my whole life! I am also pretty sure I move more in my sleep, but I will have to consult with my husband on that 🙂   Regardless, it was difficult.  The more I thought about it, the worse it became. I wasn’t sure what to do….in my mind I was worried there was a piece of metal forgotten somewhere in my body that was going to end me on the spot…..ha, but seriously :/


I took a few deep breaths, got my heart rate even and began to pray.   I mean, I prayed hard and before you know it, I actually felt calm.  My leg muscles quit jumping.  My back stopped aching from the angle I was laying in.  Then I began to pray for the people who have hurt me in life.  It is hard, that is probably why I haven’t done it more…but I was pretty stuck and it seemed like as good of time as any to get on with it.

When my time was up, I was calm, refreshed and felt I had blessed many people who probably truly need it.   Who knows what the scan will show, but I feel good about the results either way.  I also realized that my heart has been hardened by offenses I took on from many in my past.  I am going to keep working to melt the past from my heart and love others as I am meant to.

Here is to taking more time in my life to truly BE STILL and to pray.



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