Work/Life Balance

The Dream

I often have found  myself slowly maneuvering the high wire of life, carefully working to keep everything balanced, not wanting to risk falling, unsure if a safety net is in place.   I get envious at times looking at others who seem to have a two-lane highway to maneuver down; able to go as fast or as slow as they want, able to put items down without losing balance and pick things up, and move in many directions.   I am a mover, this slow, hardly stable balancing act is driving me nuts!

I found this chart above recently and started looking at my life.  The only areas I feel that are lacking are “work that is challenging & enjoyable” and “financial stability”!  Overall, that really isn’t bad 🙂  I am blessed!   These items go hand in hand.  I need to find the career that allows me to flourish and grow doing what I love. I feel in that way I would actually gain more financial stability.  I would work harder for what I want and I could possibly even completely overhaul my budget if I was doing what I loved.  My time and energy would be worth more to me.   I want to take a leap because I realized I do have a safety net in GOD, my husband, my family, and my friends!

I looked back at when I was happiest in the last year….and it was almost exactly a year ago.  I had lost weight.  I was healthier.  I was cooking A LOT!  Check out my other blog Cooking with Cakes.   I was selling Pampered Chef and being very active in my community.    Though financially I need my day job now, and a 2nd job….I have decided to get back to Pampered Chef and cooking more.   The Cupcake K<3 revived my love of baking and I am excited to take that show on the road, from home to home, spreading joy with my warm and fun personality and great food!

Here’s to working to live the dream!



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