Sauce-less, but not plain!

Today marks 7 days alcohol free.  I am calling this “CLARITY” time.  Do I believe I have an alcohol problem, NO…but I do believe that my anxiety can lead to making poor choices with alcohol, food and finances.  This is a time of change.  Re-learning healthy limits and boundaries.   I am going one day at a time to get through month 1 and we will see where we go from there.

In 7 days, my weight has fluctuated with a 13 lbs loss…..but as of today a solid 8lbs maintained loss.  My eating is better, my cravings are less.  I am biking almost daily.  I have found new delicious beverages to enjoy, like Kambucha…which I have been told has trace amounts of alcohol but that it doesn’t count because kids can buy it, so I am in the clear.

I feel that my prayer life has grown leaps and bounds and I feel overall healthier.  My skin is smooth, my moods are even and I feel very present in all moments in life… buzzy fogs even with friends.

Do I want alcohol? sometimes.  I missed the “tradition” of cold beer on July 4th, but I made it through.  I still meet my friends for drinks, I just choose coffee, water or a juice/tonic mix.  I am blessed that everyone has been so supportive.  I am not left out because of my decision to make healthier choices.   I certainly don’t feel like I am missing out on anything in life, if anything I am gaining more 🙂

Here’s to another week of “Clarity” to #getthosegoals!



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