The other “A” word



Today I found out that at 35 years old, I have distinct signs of on set arthritis in both of my knees.  I mean, really what did I expect.  I haven’t ever been kind to my body; overweight, roller derby, jogging….my joints hurt and I knew it deep down.  The next step is MRI and consultation to see if there is damage that needs scoping or if PT, weight-loss and muscle building can help me for a few more years.

I have been actively working to lose weight again….as of today I am down 10 lbs!   I have been biking to build my muscles up again and be easy on my knees.   I have amazing roller derby teammates who are helping me be active where I can in the organization, even if I can’t skate right now.

I might be taking the long path to get to my goals, but I refuse to give up!

Take care of your knees!  It is hard to get down to even pray once they have been damaged.



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