Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…


Break ups are hard; friendships, marriages, leaving a job…I have done them all.  Break ups come for many reasons; toxic situations, unhappiness, new paths, new opportunities.  Not all break ups are bad, in fact, in my experience all of my break ups have ultimately brought me to where I am today….and I actually am pretty happy with that place.

Break ups are the hardest when you really love or enjoy something.  I love craft beer!  Absolutely love the experience of trying new beers, but recently my life has taken turns that have opened my eyes to the cost this love has on my life.   I have gained a lot of weight back that I worked very hard to lose.  I have used it as a coping mechanism for my anxiety (NOT OKAY!).  To much alcohol alters my hormones in ways that make my depression worse at times.   And I am not going to mention the money…..and right now I really need money for other things. (Like taking my kids to Disney World!)

I don’t know if this break up will be the end and the forever.  Maybe at some point when I feel I have all the important areas of my life under some control and prioritized, I can welcome it back on occasions.  I just know that I wasn’t comfortable with how I was letting it control me, so Today is Day 1 of my separation from alcohol.

I might need to take further steps in other areas in my life, but for now I believe that this one object removed will help me gain financial, weight and over-all health confidence again.

There is no use crying over spilled beer.  Mop it up and move on.



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