Anxiety Atrophy

Atrophy is the wasting away of organs, tissues, or muscles.

Anxiety is a natural response to stress, but sometimes it is a debilitating cycle of worry and stress. It can make a normal day very overwhelming.

 I, like many, suffer from anxiety.  My overwhelming stress can lead to burn out and depression and sometimes leaves me a prisoner in my own bed.   I feel like I am wasting away inside my own mind when it is at its worst.   This doesn’t happen often, but I have dealt with it most of my life.  I have learned a lot about my limits and at one point took medications only to make me feel like a zombie and I decided that I prefer to feel my feelings over being numb.   Some days are harder than others to control my own mind.

Now from the outside, I am not sure if anyone has ever noticed and so I am making it clear.   Even people who seem to have a normal life can suffer from this monster. We work hard to camouflage our personal war zone so others won’t see.  I am lucky to have a strong faith and an amazing husband.  I have a great support system and I am grateful each day.

Remember: “Be Kind,  For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle” – PLATO



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