And the Oscar goes to…

Yesterday ended up a bit dramatic and I am still tallying votes as to which of us should get the Oscar!   My children were too busy playing to hear the phone and didn’t pick up after 8 calls, luckily I was on my way home, but I was hoping that they would be ready to go when I arrived.   I was fuming, but kept it under control and used it as a time to teach about fight or flight reactions.    I also explained that when a Mother’s fear and anger mix, you get SUPERMOM….and told stories of Moms saving their children with incredible feats of strength and speed because of this rush of SUPERMOM adrenaline.   I also explained that this can make Mom cranky, as well.    We all laughed and I thought, “Yes, I did it!  I didn’t blow up, I didn’t yell.  The situation is resolved and I look Awesome!”   I definitely have to have some supporting actress in a drama role points there.

The boys and I had a good afternoon of lunch and desserts before heading home to bake cupcakes.   The boys helped wash dishes and get things ready to go.   My middles son gave a great performance of slap stick with “where does this dish go, oops I spilled water on the floor again” shenanigans.  I was none too impressed, but we got through it.

Then my husband and daughter got home.  My husband, seeing that I was swamped in the kitchen made an excellent disappearing act, but not as good as David Copperfield….no Oscar there.   Then finding out that the computer had an issue, it became clear that he could possibly show some sign of Oscar worthy anger soon.    In allowing him to have some time to fix the computer, I took all the kids to help sell cupcakes, this is where it got good.

My oldest son was irritated with his siblings and started to act out, then felt bad because he thought he messed of the computer and did a short performance of “leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to you”…..we gave him space and he came around, but our daughter gave an almost two hour long performance of “let me cry and whine and carry on about EVERYTHING!”….it was epic and I know she wins the leading actress in a drama Oscar….I really hope that pays off in my future.  She could be a great actress and I hope she remember me when she does!

But, then we got home.  We ate supper as a family.  We calmed down.  We snuggled together.  We laughed.  And I realized again that no matter the struggles and drama, I am immensely blessed!  My children are smart, happy, funny, kind, and healthy.   I will take the drama for all that 🙂

Life is lively!



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