Plan C – when A & B flee

Today I had great plans for the kids and I. The sky was cloudy with a small chance of sprinkles. A bag was packed with sandwiches and water bottles.  Off we drove excitedly to the local Nature Park.  We had originally planned to hit the pool, but the breeze and clouds made for a slightly chilly afternoon and we prefer hot pool days.  So, the Nature Park, our plan B was going to be great.  We couldn’t wait to get a canoe and paddle to the island to enjoy our little picnic lunch at the shelter located there. We could almost taste the adventure.  Until we arrived and realized that there is no rental business on Monday & Tuesdays.

On the inside I was screaming. I had built up a plan B to make up for plan A not being quite in scope.  I could see disappointment  in my kids eyes and I was starting to feel smoke coming out my ears.

Ok. Breath. We still have sandwiches, but they seemed real lack luster without the adventure to a destination to eat them.  So, when in doubt, I offered pizza 🙂 Not any pizza, pizza from a place we have never been.  We arrived and since my sons never want to agree on anything ( honestly I feel it is just a ploy) we got a half all veggie and half all meat pizza. I enjoyed a slice of each sandwiched together and it was delicious.  We told jokes, laughed so hard one son shot root beer out his nose and then we laughed harder.

We then went for SDSU ice cream and a stroll through the Agriculture Heritage Museum.  There we read the exhibits and tried buffalo jerky and old fashioned chocolate.

All in all we had a great day! Plan C was creative and culinary. And it left us quite Cheery 🙂

Don’t let plans ruin the fun in what could be.

~ Cakes ~


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