Emotional Inclusiveness

Yesterday was the first weekday that I have missed blogging since I began this blog, and for good reason.  I had an afternoon date with my children to see the movie Inside Out.   Now if you haven’t seen a preview, it is about a pre-teen girl and her emotions specifically during a new and trying time in her life.   It is highly relatable, even as an adult.   The fun was in the “head quarters” characters….I know someone for each emotion….you know, that person who just embodies JOY.  I have known a few 🙂

I found this movie to open up some great conversations with my kids.  I don’t want to give too much away, but my kids really loved the way the emotions worked together, especially in the end.   We talked about times in our lives when we felt joy or sadness and how that emotion changed over time or because a friend came to our aid. We talked about feeling multiple emotions at once and how we act during those times.  We also talked about including others in our play or conversations, even if their personality seems very different than our own.

If nothing else, this is another great PIXAR film that the whole family can enjoy!   And it gave me a teachable experience on kindness, compassion and empathy….. winning!



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