The New Treasure Hunt

Geocaching : the outdoor sport or game of searching for hidden objects by using Global Positioning System (GPS)coordinates posted on the Internet.

We have participated in the fun a few times as a family, but recently we have gotten into it again.  Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt!?  With the help of a free or inexpensive smart phone app, you too can be off on a treasure hunt adventure!

Most apps load your current coordinates and then show approximate locations of local geocache finds, choose the item you would like to find and follow your GPS.  We have found items in trees, along building windows, spray painted and magnetized to water tower bases and more.

Geocache I found on the way to work Monday morning!

Geocache I found on the way to work Monday morning! See the smiley face on the map to the LEFT…that marks this find.

Most finds are small, with only room for a small paper to log the date and name of each finder.(always have your own pen just in case)  But on occasion you find larger boxes with trinkets inside, or requests for you to take a trinket and leave a trinket.  It is like time capsules without long periods of time between and always fun to find and to feel the accomplishment of the hunt.

The online community checks in their finds, what they found, what they left and possibly clues for the next finder.   Many also locate “bugs” and log them in.  These “bugs” have serial numbers and are part of the find a treasure leave a treasure program.  When you find a “bug” you can log it in to see who planted it first and where it started.  Some travel across the world by avid geocachers.

If you are looking for something fun for the whole family this summer, for an hour or a whole afternoon, try geocaching!  Our family, the Gnome_Roamers, promise that you won’t be disappointed 🙂



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