When things don’t go right, go left

The unexpected is always right around the corner.  You can plan yourself blue in the face, but rarely does a well laid plan have 100% exaction.  I am a planner.  I am busy and I like to have things in order.  I plan vacations months in advance to get the best prices, reservations to all the places we want to see, etc., etc.

No matter how much you plan, sometimes the best things aren’t planned.  They were never even thought of until they happen and a memory like no other is created in that moment.

Sometimes your initial path leaves you with choices or road blocks and when things won’t go right, you gotta go left.  Your left might take longer, be more strenuous, take you half way back to where you began or even lead you to a completely different destination.  Maybe the slower road will allow you to see things in a new perspective.

Ultimately how you react to your left is up to you, but remember Happiness is in the journey, not the destination.  Take time to smell the roses not matter what path you are on cause an unexpected turn could come at any time.



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