Brew Pub-erty

Do you remember the first craft beer you drank?  I don’t remember what it was, but I distinctly remember thinking …..there is life beyond Bud Light!   This began my brew pub-erty. A time of exploration and experimentation.  I have surely drank over 1000 different beers in my life, though my Untappd says just over 800 in the last year.   My love of beer is part of my love of life. I desire to try new things; foods, destinations, experiences, beer 🙂

My goal IS NOT to get drunk, at my age hang overs are a terrible multi-day wasteland and too much certainly doesn’t help maintain a healthy weight.  I desire to understand the facets and flavors, the complexities and notes that come out in time. (Yes, beer can taste different at a warmer temperature, and it isn’t always bad)

I remember initially being scared of dark beers, thinking they would be too robust, too DARK tasting.  My first Guinness in England changed my mind on that forever!  I love dark beers 🙂  I also remember making a wide berth around light beers because I never wanted to drink what I considered “crap” beer in my new world of “craft” beer.  I associated light beer; pilsner, lager, cream ales to be in the Bud Light aka “crap” category.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not calling Bud Light crap today, nor am I saying that Coors, Miller and others weren’t in this category for me in the past.  To be honest, my guilty pleasure beer today is Bud Light Chelada….sometimes I just want that tomato, clam and beer goodness.  I know I shouldn’t like it by my other standards, but I freaking love it once in awhile.

In working through my brew pub-erty,  I have learned that no matter the beer, there is a time and place for it all !  Today I will drink any beer once, for the experience, to dissect the flavor profiles and talk about it with friends and brewery peers.  My favorite beers are Scotch Ales because I love the dark roasty and caramel notes.  But I also enjoy some IPAs and I enjoy more light brews.  The fact is, each brew is unique and you have to enjoy it for what it is and if it doesn’t float your boat, don’t have it again…simple!

Last fall I began working for a brewery.  I mean, if you find yourself needed a 2nd job financially, do something you love, right!?  During the last 9-10 months I have become a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, participated in multiple group beer tastings and off-flavor beer tastings, helped brew beer and attended beer pairing meals and events.  I have also helped co-found our local Girls Pint Out organization.  My knowledge of beer & brewing is constantly growing and I am excited to one day brew my own beer recipe 🙂

I certainly don’t know it all, but I feel my Brew Pub-erty is coming to a close.  As a brew adult, I know exactly what I like, but am always willing to try something new!

Today I challenge you, brew lovers and non-brew lovers…try something knew, take a leap into a new brew and enjoy!




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