Today the rain falls hard.  Large drops splash in puddles.  I have so many blog posts in draft form, awaiting my finishing touches before posting, but today I have to move away from my original plan for the week.  Today I am focusing on storms, physical and spiritual.

We all must survive storms, some harder than others.  It is how we survive that matters, the attitude we retain that shows our character.  I have been hurt, offended, hateful in my past and it has taken many years to get past and over storms in my life, and yet some I still struggle with whether others see it or not.

Losses are storms; loss of job, loss of house, loss of a friend or family member.  These storms of loss are so hard and the ripples of the rain drops reach out beyond just you.  Your actions and words reach so far beyond your recognition.  Your words can give life or destroy, you and others. Your words create in you an attitude and your actions reflect that attitude.  Build yourself up strong on the rocks so no storm can blow you down, for those building castles in the sand will see their lives ruined with even the smallest of storms.

Have faith, this too shall pass.  Here is a song I listen too when I need a little encouragement in the storms of life.

My thoughts and prayers are with those mourning AMH today. Though I only knew her through my extended derby family, a loss like this is hard for all those who were close to her.  I am sending out love to you all and hope that Gods grace will see you through this storm.



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