What is your body positive?

Here is what I have learned from the great diet charade, if a diet plan works and you stick to it, but eventually fall off, you are going to take 3 steps back. Last year I lost weight, felt amazing about myself, gained confidence, bought my first size 14 jeans and knee high boots and relished in my life as a thinner person.


Today, I weigh more than when I started the diet plan last year. I don’t like it. I would prefer to be thinner. I would prefer to feel healthier.  But, I am stronger.   I am more confident in who I am, fat and all.

You can’t change your life to two shakes a day forever! I love food. I want to eat meals with my family. I like beer.  The struggle is real, but a whole foods healthier option is in my future and since I prefer dresses and skirts, I am okay if I don’t get into smaller jeans…..not like they are created equal anyway.  I own 2 pairs of size 16 jeans now, one won’t zip and the other are baggy?! Seriously. I just want jeans that fit well more than anything in the fashion world!!!

I have always been body positive, but I have ALWAYS been more positive about other bodies.  I see women larger than me and can see beauty and confidence there and then when I turn the eye to myself, I only saw issues and problems.  I have learned to see myself differently though, not all the time, but I see the beauty a lot more even if I have gained weight back.

Yes, I do hope to lose the weight again, but in a way that has more to do with healthy choices and not quick fixes.  I want to eat and taste and experience, so I’m gonna shake off the distaste I had for myself and start filling up on whole foods and confidence.

Don’t just see the good and beauty in others, you are enough and you are worth it to feel good and beautiful!



2 thoughts on “What is your body positive?

  1. I’m almost in tears at the end of this post… after 2 weeks “on the wagon” and a kilo lost, I fell off and binged last night, drank a laxative tea afterwards, and hate myself even more today… It’s the most beautiful and inspiring thing to read REAL words from REAL women on this, so thank you for being brave enough to share 🙂 xo

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    • Jess – thank you so much! I have struggled with my weight most of my life, but at 35 I finally realize I am much bigger and greater things than fat and I make a difference in this world! I am beautiful. You are beautiful. Tomorrow is a new day, set sights on your goal, get your sail in the breeze and move forward! You can do it!

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