Life sounds 


My soul sings for great musical and the great outdoors! I love hiking, kayaking or just laying next to a lake. I love mountains and waterfalls and the ocean. I love great music to soundtrack my experiences. 

I feel so present  in the universe  when alone in nature or as part of the massive heartbeat in a concert crowd. The music takes me away from myself and nature takes me away from my day to day routines and obstructions. 

Lately I have felt pulled from things I love and spread thin in areas.  Luckily, with the help of my family I am feeling some balance again. A family camping trip nestled near a creek, traversing logs and laughing with my sons( I fell in), watching our daughter eat her first s’more and then seeing  a great bluegrass concert alone ( Devil Makes Three and Old Crow Medicine Show) I feel like myself again. I feel alive deep inside and hope this helps me to open up to great encounters in my life again. 
What does your soundtrack sound like? I was starting to hear only keyboards typing and phones ringing, but I hear the birds again and the love in my families voices.  Don’t put on earphones to muffle the sounds, take time to turn the dial and tune in more to what makes your soul sing once in awhile!



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