Opps! I Pinned it again

Pinterest – A great pass time for all…for all the Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Jillian Michaels wanna be’s of the day, and all those planning weddings (whether engaged or not).

I only jest a bit 🙂  I use Pinterest for all my recipes, photography ideas, hopeful crafty ambitions, workout routines I might try one day….and when I was engaged, I planned everything with help from Pinterest and Etsy.  I am one of the many Pinsters and I enjoy the convenience and capabilities of the program.

Let’s think about this deeper.  What if your life was your Pinterest?  What boards would you have?  Ex’s, Heartaches, Joys, Successes, Goals, Dreams……..  Are there boards you would hide from the public eye?   From your family?

As I pondered this in my own life, I realized that almost everything that I would have hidden in my past I have either removed from my life or brought to light and that is a freeing notion.   Now, I said ALMOST everything.  I still have my private places, as we all do.   Deep hurts, Dreams we aren’t ready to yet share, Fetishes….who knows what.

I also thought about the mistakes I have made.  Would I have a board for them?  Would I want to remember?  I think in some instances I would.  You always try to not repeat your mistakes, to learn and do better….but I have fallen into the same mistake more than once only because the events leading up to it weren’t like the last time.  I really roll my eyes hard at my younger self sometimes…..I love the lessons I have learned and I think I would share that board with EVERYONE, as a warning and a free lesson for anyone who chose to view it 🙂   I could go much deeper, but I am still thinking about this in my life.

Until I have more on this thought, Pin on Pinsters, Pin on…..a tool is a tool.  Make the tool work for you and your life.   And try to pin those mistakes down and keep them pinned so you don’t repeat the process.



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