Having a Tentrum

A Tentrum: the great anger, anxiety, frustration or other strong emotions that one might experience while setting up or taking down a tent.  This may occur during your first set up of a new tent, while setting up a tent with someone who is inexperienced or has a different style to set up a tent.  May also occur during inclement weather.

Oh, the Tentrum.  I swear I am getting over this thorn in my side this year!  I have always been able to put up my tent on my own, and I liked it that way.  The Mother’s Day after our daughter was born, my husband surprised me with the most awesome gift….a HUGE 3 room tent šŸ™‚   I love it, but I can’t put it up without help and here in lies my frustrations.

I know how to put up a tent, and though I haven’t read the directions since we first put up the tent, it always gets up.  My husband on the other hand would like the read the directions each time we put up the tent.  My impatience kicks in and before he is done reading, I am already putting poles through holes, and here in lies his frustrations. We always bicker over the next step because I didn’t start at step 1 in the directions. It is a crazy cycle that causes some heated discussions during our trips and though we get over it quickly and move on, I want to feel more love on our vacations and not waste time hot under the collar about these little tid bits.

So this summer, before our big family road-trip and camping excursion for Labor Day, we will be setting our tent up a few times a month until we are on the same page about how to set up and take down our tent.  I realize this may mean that I have to let go and submit to my husband’s style of setting up the tent.  It could be a challenge, but I am willing to try for the enjoyment of the entire family šŸ™‚

Happy Camping Season!



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