Fight of the Fatkini

For the perfect bikini body, put a bikini on your body.  The end.

I have read this many times in the last few years.  I love the body positive movement. #effyourbeautystandards #honoryourcurves and so many more.

Tess Munster – now known as, Tess Holliday has made waves for years, but she finally went TIDAL by landing a modeling contract with MILK and being the first size 22 model in herstory 🙂

She and many other women exude confidence. Sometimes I exude confidence, but other times I look at  photos and see how good they look and then I look in a mirror and don’t see how any of those outfits or a fatkini could look good on me.  I see their curves in all their glory and I see mine as problems to hide to the best of my ability.

Regardless of societal views on the topic, good or bad, I have to decide where I stand on the fatkini.  I am fat, I get that, but I don’t think of myself as being fat.  I never labeled myself as such. I am bigger, plus size, chubby…..maybe I would feel better if it was called a BIGkini !?

Last year, when I lost weight, I actually wore a bikini (yep just a normal one in my size) to the community pool.  I felt confident and fairly at ease enjoying the sun on my tummy….and no one had a stroke from my appearance, so BONUS!

Pool season is right around the corner, and though I am working to lose the weight again I am not sure what I will decide to wear to the pool.  I could put on the bikini regardless of my size.  I could opt to buy the “fatkini”.  I could get a one piece.  I will be pondering this in weeks to come, but I will be at the pool with my kids no matter what I decide, because they need to see me confident in a swimsuit of my choice regardless of my size or socially standards.  I like breaking a few rules now and again 🙂

So today I say thank you to women who build up other women.  This isn’t about your waist size, but the size of your heart to love and your hands to give to others.

And good luck in your swimwear choice this season, pick the suit that suits you regardless of size!



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