This sums it up.

I remember the day I got my first smart phone, I already felt so out of the loop.  To have so much at my fingertips, the world wide web and all it’s information.  The connection to “friends” from across the world at all hours of the day. Instant messages with picture capability. Being able to respond to emails while on trips or before I went to bed (from my bed)……I was hooked by the convenience!

Due to some conversations in our home about my phone, I had been thinking about writing a post and turning the thing off for a day or something….well life stepped in and last night when I left work, I forgot my phone on my desk in my office and didn’t realize it until I picked up our daughter from daycare.  So last night I didn’t have a phone, and guess what…..I am OK!!  I conducted the business I needed to do from our home computer quickly and spent the rest of my night with the family 🙂  It was delightful.  And when I got to my phone today, I didn’t miss any emergencies, imagine that!

It has been just over 3 years since I received my first smart phone and this is what has changed; the good, bad, and ugly in no particular order:

1. Communication with my husband is lacking at times.  I hear him talking and I am looking at something on my phone, we have discussed this a few times and I finally see it for what it is….DISRESPECT!  I have found myself doing this with my kids at times too and that is so unfair to them!

2. I have become a hypocrite.  I don’t want the boys addicted to their video games or constantly talking about the games, but I have been doing that with my phone….OUCH!

3. I love being able to connect with family & friends easily and share photos!  But this doesn’t have to be daily.

4. Doing business is easier because I can do things instantly, but it doesn’t mean I have to!

5. I love having GPS on my phone.  I never got lost before, but the added security makes me feel stronger and more capable when driving in new cities. ( I have traveled a lot more since getting my smart phone)

6. As a photographer, I love always have a camera on me!  I like taking photos of my kids at every chance I get, but I also realize now that I need to take a few photos and then get back in the game with my children….no more on the outside just taking photos.

7. Because of the easy photo capabilities of my phone, I need to hand it to my kids more and get their photo perspective on life and trips.

8. My husband is more connected with the family, regardless of video games because he doesn’t have a smart phone…..that hurts, but it can change.

9. Back to the Disrespect…..I have always used my phone in front of certain folks and not in front of others….and really, there should be no difference.  If I have to text my husband quick, I should say so and do it in front of anyone, but not be on my phone when others are seeking my attention.  I learned this more from a very good friend who explained to me the value of her time and it really rang with me.

10. I don’t want to be an idiot!  I love knowledge, and I am happy to have it at my fingertips…but there is a time and a place.   I have learned more from meeting new people in life than from the internet….so I need to keep being my true self more often and engage with others.


Here is to my goal to unplug from the web more and plug in tighter to my family!



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