Mother’s Day turned Father’s Day

You are about the read the most Jesus loving post I have ever made 🙂

Matthew  18:2-6  “Truly….if you do not turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven…”  I have been a believer for many years, but the works of the Holy Spirit have been very prevalent in recent years.

When I moved to Brookings, Sd  I took time to visit many churches, looking for the umami of spirit. It wasn’t until my oldest son asked about Sunday school that I got very serious about my search for a “home” church for our family.

In the last 6 months our family has undergone great change and great joy within our home church.   I was re-baptized at 35 years old and two Sundays ago, Mother’s Day, my eldest son stood among his peers and recited the Sinner’s Prayer by his own volition and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

As Children’s church started downstairs and adult church began upstairs , his teacher spoke to me of my son’s great love and conviction to The Lord. She told me how choked up she was that a boy of 11 would stand with his peers and outwardly choose Jesus.

No Mother’s Day gift could ever compare to this gift from the spirit.

No matter how I feel about my own short comings as a parent from day to day, I can not forget that these children are a blessing and a gift each and every day!  I teach my children to love as Jesus loved, without judgement, without regret, without fear. With only hope and love, as we have all things through Christ.

I am beyond blessed and am thankful each minute of each day! Thank you Lord and Father of my life.

If anyone feels compelled to read or recite the Prayer, here is the link:



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