Love thy neighbor.


The Greatest Commands

We all have heard this, but do we really use it as a guide in our lives?  I know I haven’t at every given moment of mine, but I work diligently to be better each day.  Do you see the period at the end of the statement, that’s right look closely.  It is a statement, a point, “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.”  – there is no comma to suggest there is more coming, no ifs, ands or buts, just period.

Ouch, that hurts doesn’t it.  What if that person doesn’t believe as I do?  What if they have committed a great sin? (Guess what, sin isn’t on a sliding scale!) Darn it all to heck, there is no way around it, the greatest commandment is just that…..THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT.  An obstacle in life to allow you to grow in Faith, Love and Grace!

I wish it came naturally for me and I am sure you do too.  I have a girlfriend who is so amazing at the gift of kindness, appreciation and encouragement to others.  I look to her as an example in my life.  I strive to emulate her generosity of kind words to everyone she meets.  She reminds me about how important giving your time to another is and she always makes me feel important to her.


So back to loving they neighbor, because it doesn’t come easy take small steps.  You could love thy neighbor in many ways; smile at everyone you pass today, wave a pedestrian across the street before you, pay it forward at the coffee shop, compliment someone on their appearance or an idea they have…..the list goes on.  Just remember that the smallest of things could mean the world to another!  I love smiling at others or complimenting a stranger on their scarf, handbag, etc.  I can feel their joy and get a smile in return, though that isn’t why I do it.  I do it because it makes me feel good to give to another.

I am not perfect and have lots yet to learn, but I am working each day to love my neighbor and myself more.



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