Pogonophilia Phenomenon


This post is dedicated to my husband, who I know misses the face underneath his beard sometimes.

I remember giving my own Mother a little flack years ago; “How can you kiss him with all that hair?!”, referring to my step-dad.  “yuck, gross….I will never be with a guy with hair all over his face!”   I never realized that I would one day eat my words like candy 🙂    I didn’t date guys with a lot of facial hair, maybe a goatee here or there. When I met my husband he didn’t have facial hair, hard to believe now.

I don’t know what changed for me, but when my then boyfriend came back from working as a Wildlife & Fisheries intern with a beard, I WAS SMITTEN!  The 30 year old woman that I was recognized pure male rawness and was attracted in a way I can’t explain.   Though my husband does shave completely about once a year, it is a hard time for me.  I feel almost like I am looking at a stranger.  He says he really only started the beard out of laziness after years of shaving for the Army.  I can understand that, it isn’t like I shave my legs every single day!


I am not sure why or how the beard phenomenon began, but I like it!  My husband and I giggle that “lumbersexual” is a thing.  He was living the bearded life and I was loving it far before it was cool!  I enjoy complimenting a gentleman on his well groomed man pelt and enjoy a good beard and mustache competition.

A few months ago I was delighted by the announcement that the pub I work at decided to produce an awesome 2 year Anniversary beer and name it Pogonophilia 🙂  All beer and beard lovers will enjoy the promotional video…check out their Facebook page!  The beer is superb too, get some if you can.


I know not everyone loves the beards and there have been some anti-beard articles floating around the interwebs.  I promise you that my husband washes, conditions and beard oils his beard….it isn’t like a toilet seat!!

Like anything, to each their own…but for me it is the love of a good man and his beard 🙂




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