When Sick = SWELL :)

After a great Mother’s Day weekend, full of:

Yard Work


Our traditional Cajun Boil

And the Traditional planting of the Mother’s Day planter ( each child picks a plant)


….. Now today our youngest awoke with a fever and draining sinuses.

I was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with her.  Once I got some medicine in her and a little breakfast she started to perk up.

I decided to try painting with her 🙂 I had bought a bunch of stuff to paint a gift for a friend and bought a few extra small canvases to practice.

After painting, we snuggled and watched TV. We played a game and even went outside for just a little bit.

I don’t generally like sick days for anyone, but today was pretty swell…and most of all my heart swells with joy!



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