Silver Strand Synopsis

When I was young, I remember my 3rd, maybe 4th grade teacher (Mrs. Ulmer) reading books to us in class. One of the books, a book that both haunts and just barely escapes my memory, is The Silver Crown by Robert C. O’Brien.   I had forgotten about it for many years, but in my 30’s for some reason, it was at the tip of my tongue and I had to find it.  I finally ordered it from Amazon and look forward to reading it again and from the looks of the book reviews, I am not the only adult that has been delightfully tormented by the memories of this story.  It is an epic journey from my childhood, my first glimpses at sci-fi, true fantasy beyond a fairy-tale, telepathy and time as a relative concept and dimension.

The book info from Amazon:

Ellen awakens one morning with a mysterious silver crown on the pillow beside her. What magic powers it possesses she has not yet discovered, but the sudden changes in her life are unmistakable: her house is burned down, her family has disappeared, and a man in a dark uniform is stalking her. Can Ellen ever find her family? Can she use the power of the silver crown to thwart the powers of darkness? What diabolical force hides inside the mysterious castle in the woods?

I don’t remember all the details.  I remember the crown, that she is a Princess in her own right.  I remember a great journey and many struggles.  I hope it doesn’t let me down as an adult 🙂

I am glad I enjoy books so much now later in life and I strive to create readers of my own children….but back to the Silver Stand Synopsis….

Today, a great silver strand lay on the shoulder of my black cardigan.  Bright silver and wiry in a way I didn’t know hair could be.  It was more like a strand of silver thread, perhaps falling from my own silver crown.   Like Ellen, I have been on my own epic journey in life.  I have lost family.  I have traveled great distances.  I have had dark forces/habits/thought processes stalk me. I have made strange and wonderful friends and I have had to find my own power and strength to get me through some wild, crazy, horrible, wonderful and unforgettable things.  My crown may be a bit tarnished and maybe it is slowly falling from my head, but in the end I want to know I truly lived and loved, no matter the losses.

This silver strand may mark a new chapter, a new journey in life but it in no way takes from my beauty, kindness, attitude or power within.

I am truly blessed every single day.  Here is to the silver in your life, it is a treasure.



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