Espresso Yourself

Caffeine….  no matter how you ingest it, many of us think we need it.  I am no different, though I used to drink many POTS of coffee a day, I now limit myself to 1 or 2 cups of QUALITY coffee or espresso.

Years ago I was a manager of a Caribou Coffee.  I really enjoyed the work.  It was my 2nd job at the time.  I had 2 small children, and this allowed me a few nights a week to socialize with my regular customers and co-workers while making some cash and drinking coffee….not a bad deal, and I was home by decent time of 10:30-11pm.     I loved the coffee atmosphere and still do.

When I moved to Brookings, I lived downtown.  I was within walking distance of the coffee shop, and many other great downtown businesses.  When we bought our home, we chose to stay in the downtown area and now our kids walk with us to the coffee shop on the weekend 🙂  I am not sure if we are considered regulars, but we love our baristas!

I currently work part time (2nd job) at a pub. Again, I enjoy the social atmosphere and our regular customers.   I enjoy a good beer, so that is a plus too.   But before a long night, I still stop into the coffee shop around the corner and get my cappuccino. ( I like more foam than milk )

The other night, a co-worker made a coffee run for me.  She returned with a cappuccino made perfectly.  Apparently the barista was overjoyed that she was making my coffee, because I “am so nice.”  To hear this gave me warm fuzzies, I practically felt like a unicorn….so magical 🙂  It reminded me how important my attitude to others is ALL THE TIME!  I had met the barista one time and complimented her on her cappuccino making abilities, this gave her warm fuzzies and she was happy to return the favor of compliments over a late night coffee….I needed a warm fuzzy as much as I needed caffeine that night and she delivered both with a good attitude.

expresso yourself

Show love and kindness in even the smallest of service.  Do it with your own flare.  Espresso yourself 🙂



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